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*Batches Ship about Every 2 Weeks.


These unique salmon bites have a firm smoky exterior and a tender translucent interior. The salmon undergoes a two-day process including 24 hours in the smoker with alder wood. Each individual salmon bite is turned by hand over 20 times in a process which reduces the weight by up to 50% concentrating the flavors. To date nobody who has ever tried them has had anything like them.


This proprietary process is all natural and includes no preservatives, nitrates, sulfates or other additives.

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  • Please keep salmon bites refrigerated.  

    You should not cook the salmon orr add heat to it in any way as this will destroy the texture of the salmon.

    The salmon is at its most full flavor when served at room temperature, simply remove the salmon from the refrigerator 20 to 30 minutes prior to serving.

    The salmon may be frozen if it is vacuum sealed but the texture will be destroyed if it is frozen without being first vacuum sealed.

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