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We start our Boston Butts for 8-10 hours over high smoke then remove them from their smokers and finish them in commercial sous vide machines for 12 hours at the stall temperature before shredding.   Each pound of shredded pork is accompanied by a ramekin of smoked pork au jus. 

Unkle Ric's Smoked Pulled Pork

1 Pound
  • Please keep product frozen until you are ready to serve.  The pork packages can be thawed in the refrigerator or will thaw out in water in the sink in under 10 minutes.  If you are not going to eat the meat within a few days of purchase please freeze the au jus as well.  The pork is fully cooked and only needs to be gently warmed before serving.  

    1.  Gently warm it in a frying pan with/without au jus added.

    2.  Warm water bath (such as sous vide)

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